Motion specialist, TRIO Motion Technology, a member of the Estun Group, has expanded on its motion controller range with the launch of a servo drive and motor package. OEMs can now benefit from TRIO’s specialist motion control performance with a complete plug-and-play solution, enabling faster machine development and optimum cost effectiveness.

The DX4 servo drive has compatibility with TRIO’s controllers and slice I/O systems, all programmed within a single software, the Motion Perfect 5. This increases the speed of application development and commissioning for OEMs in industries including packaging, medical, metal, CNC, robotics and 3C electronics.

The new DX4 servo drive extends control performance to the motor shaft, achieving fast and accurate positioning with the matched MXL low inertia and MXM medium inertia servo motors. The drive features EtherCAT update rates down to 125μs and 350% overload for high dynamic applications, as well as functional safety dual STO (SIL3, PLe). The motors host 23-bit absolute multi-turn capability for increased positioning accuracy.

The DX4 servo drive operates at 200V AC and power extends from 50W to 3kW in a highly compact package. It has amongst the lowest footprint available with a slim frontal area and zero stacking gap. Reduced dimensions are also achieved by retaining additional control functionality within the Motion Coordinator and I/O slices.

Scalable functionality has also been designed for cost effectiveness and the OEM only pays for the capabilities they need, according to TRIO’s design principle of ‘everything you need and nothing more’. The DX4 servo drive doesn’t require additional functionality onboard which significantly reduces cost and even greater savings are evident for high axis counts.

For more information, please view the following link: DX4 servo drive