SPS Norimberga

The 2018 SPS IPC Drives international industrial automation expo just ended in Nuremberg where Estun Group reaped success in terms of specialised operator visits and interest.

It was the perfect time to introduce the new ED3M series drives, 400W, EtherCat, double axis; the EM3A series motors smaller than EMJ series and faster (up to 6000 rpm) and the ED3S servo drive which will be on the market in the first quarter of 2019.

ED3S key points are:

  • Compact mounting (side by side);
  • Single-phase or three-phase AC power supply;
  • DC BUS sharing;
  • STO SIL3;
  • 2 built-in encoder interfaces;
  • Up to 55°C at full power;
  • Built-in USB ports for debugging and upgrades.

Another important highlight at the booth that drew visitors’ attention was the demo dedicated to pick and place robotics. Leader in industrial robotics in China, Estun will introduce the new SCARA 4-axis robots on the European market in 2019.

Estun would like to thank its customers and international visitors who demonstrated their interest by visiting the booth and appreciating the company’s features and innovative spirit.

This important event was also a chance to demonstrate how cooperation between the European and Chinese teams is leading to important results.

Senimar Drive The Driver

Motion control and more at the first EITE seminar

On the 20th of September, the first sales and technical seminar, “Drive the Driver”, was held in a prestigious venue in Cardano al Campo. It was sponsored directly by Estun Industrial Technology Europe.

The meeting, which included Italian and international partners, was an opportunity to present the functions of the ESTUN range of products for industrial automation, which includes high performance servo motors and servo drives. Special attention was given to the technologies used to develop system solutions, with an architecture that begins from the controller and ends with the cable.

Seminar Drive the driver - a speech

Specialised controllers for motion control and CNC

Speakers at the event included the Application Engineer of TRIO Motion, a company of the Estun group (specialised in the development of high flexibility Motion controller that can continuously manage from 1 to 128 servo motor axes), and the Promax company, a partner of EITE, which presented its own solutions in G-Code and the CNC segment. These solutions integrate perfectly with the Drives and Motors developed and produced by the Estun Automation Group, which confirms the quality and their possible use in applications for the Italian and European market.

Future prospects

EITE shared with its participants a preview of the new product technologies that will be officially presented at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg (27-29 November 2018).

This confirms how the partnership with Estun can contribute to increasing their current and future business.

We would like to thank the companies below that made this productive event a success:

Assocam Scuola Camerana – Automation Technique  –  Berriola –  Gemamex Motion co  –  Gruppo FitOsai Pamoco spa – Promax

The circular blade die cutter is a continually rotating machine that makes products widely used in portable computers, LCDs, backlit LCDs and a variety of other fields.

To work correctly and ensure optimal performance, the roll must be kept at a constant tension, while the axle of the tool must have high synchronisation precision.

Estun Industrial Technology offers a complete solution consisting of a TRIO MC664 controller, a ProNet Plus Ethercat servodrive and an EMJ servomotor.

Use of the EMJ servomotor reduces reluctance torque and torque fluctuation. Servomotors in the EMJ family, assembled with 17 or 20 bit serial encoders and available in different sizes, reach 5000 RPM and support peak torques of up to 3 times the declared torque.

With a power range of 50W ~ 5kW, the ProNET Plus EtherCAT servosystem, with basic EtherCAT (Ethernet Control Automation Technology) connectivity, guarantees high performance in environments with little rigidity.

The shaft on the cutting tool uses a 20-bit encoder with high synchronisation and precision.

The Ethercat local bus offers high speed and performance in real time and guarantees precise synchronisation of position and speed for the single shaft on the blade holder.