From 18 to 20 September 2018, for the first time, Estun Industrial Technology Europe will participate in IEAS (International Electric & Automation Show), in the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest.

Estun is continuing to organise a development plan aimed at consolidating its presence and visibility in the European market, as proven by its participation in the SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg (27-29 November).

During the IEAS show, company experts will be welcoming visitors in stand A26a – Unirii Hall, to show them the automation and motion control solutions offered by Estun.

They will include a demo for a stable and precise servo system with multi-axis control that guarantees CNC connectivity and synchronisation.

Entry to the trade show is free. Registration is required.

Complete multi-axis control solution

Human machine interface, servo drives, controllers and servomotors: with the aid of our affiliate Trio, Estun Industrial Technology Europe is a complete partner offering everything you need to create complete solutions responding to the real needs of mechanical industry.

Numerical control solutions

For example, we can produce a complete servo system capable of high-speed, precise, stable multi-axis control, guaranteeing connectivity and synchronisation of CNC numerical control.

Estun servo motors in the EMJ family are assembled with 17 or 20 bit serial encoders and available in different sizes. They reach 5000 RPM and support 3 times peak torque.

Estun servo drives in the Pronet Plus Ethercat family represent an efficient, dependable axis control solution. They achieve advanced performance even in environments with low rigidity. These servo drives feature low frequency vibration suppression and real-time auto-tuning of inertia.

Capable to manage up to 32 axes, the TRIO MC4N controller guarantees optimised performance in terms of reactivity and precision while permitting customisation.

Connectivity for the IoT

To permit use in interconnected systems such as the IoT, both servo drives in the PROnet Plus and TRIO MC4N controllers offer EtherCAT connectivity.

The system can use OPC UA  protocol for data encrypted communication among various different platforms and levels, guaranteeing conformity with Cyber Security standards.