The circular blade die cutter is a continually rotating machine that makes products widely used in portable computers, LCDs, backlit LCDs and a variety of other fields.

To work correctly and ensure optimal performance, the roll must be kept at a constant tension, while the axle of the tool must have high synchronisation precision.

Estun Industrial Technology offers a complete solution consisting of a TRIO MC664 controller, a ProNet Plus Ethercat servodrive and an EMJ servomotor.

Use of the EMJ servomotor reduces reluctance torque and torque fluctuation. Servomotors in the EMJ family, assembled with 17 or 20 bit serial encoders and available in different sizes, reach 5000 RPM and support peak torques of up to 3 times the declared torque.

With a power range of 50W ~ 5kW, the ProNET Plus EtherCAT servosystem, with basic EtherCAT (Ethernet Control Automation Technology) connectivity, guarantees high performance in environments with little rigidity.

The shaft on the cutting tool uses a 20-bit encoder with high synchronisation and precision.

The Ethercat local bus offers high speed and performance in real time and guarantees precise synchronisation of position and speed for the single shaft on the blade holder.

Top level sales and development for Motion Control and servo drives

Estun Industrial Technology’s new European branch has been in operation in Milan since the end of 2017.

The new opening marks a milestone in the group’s strategy of international expansion, not only establishing a hub for selling its products in Europe but promoting R&D in line with the highest European standards.

Main focus: Motion control, servo drives and the Industrial Internet of Things

The new branch will be primarily concerned with the range of motion control and alternating current servo drive solutions: the core of the company’s product range and the basis for the group’s future development, which will extend to the fields of robotics and intelligent systems.

The European research and development team will include top talents for creation of a top-level pole and will also be focus on communication protocols and technologies for the promotion of interconnection and the development of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

An international network

The new branch was opened to offer better, faster service to local customers and help the group to expand in Europe.

All this falls under the group’s new plan for international expansion, which has included opening of a branch in Italy and 4 other branches in the United Kingdom, the USA, Turkey and India.

These new branch offices and over 50 agencies in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania represent the foundations of a network allowing Estun products to be appreciated in more than 60 countries – a steadily growing number.