About Us

Estun Automation Co. Ltd started its activity in 1993 in Nanjing (China) as a manufacturer of control systems for metal forming machinery.

Through the 1990s, Estun developed its own portfolio of automation products which ranges from servo drives and servo motors to robots, from motion controllers to “turn key” smart manufacturing lines.

In July 2017, Estun Automation established a European operative site in Milan, Italy, offering R&D for drives, sales, logistics and customer support.

Through this move, Estun has integrated the Europe’s first-class know-how with the Nanjing R&D team’s expertise in motion and servo motor control, particularly as regards advanced technology and international standards.

The establishment of a sales and technical support center for the European automation and Motion Control market forms part of a broader effort to open the Estun brand up to international markets. Estun has a further 4 overseas subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, the United States, Turkey and India.

Founding an international sales network, being present at all leading trade shows, have helped to implement Estun’s market expansion in Europe and improve the reputation of the brand and its products.

In the past two years, Estun has successfully implemented a number of overseas M&A transactions dedicated mainly to R&D. In 2017, Estun acquired TRIO in the UK (Motion Controller), 20% of Euclid Labs in Italy (Visionics for Robots) and  BARRETT in the USA (exoskeleton drive systems). In 2018, it gained control of  MAi in Germany (robotic production systems), with complementary advantages and effective integration of technical resources.

After taking a first step towards product internationalization, therefore, Estun has taken a second step towards R&D internationalization, which will provide the Estun Group strong support for the full implementation of its global business development strategy.

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